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  1. Will A Warrior’s Penance be available on Audible in July?

  2. Davis, I am very thankful for your insanely awesome books. I can’t wait for a warriors penance.

    • Thanks, Tom. Insanely awesome…I like that.

      A Warrior’s Penance comes out on July 12. The ebook is available for preorder on Amazon, and the audiobook is available for preorder on Audible.

  3. Davis,

    I just finished listening to your third book and I just wanted to let you know that I thought the whole story was amazing. All three books captivated me and fueled my imagination in a way only few other books have.

    Thank you for giving this story to the world. It has easily become one of my favorite series that I will be able to enjoy again and again.

  4. Hi,
    It’s me again. I have heard from some one recently that the best way to get what you want/need is to be annoying and pushy so I am commenting for the third time today. I really really loved your books. Everything about them is amazing, the writing is impeccable, and the character development is incredible. Because of this I really would like it if you could give me some feedback on my book that I am writing. It’s for my senior project, and it would be super awesome if it was anywhere near as good as the books that you write.


    • Hi Kevin,

      Thank you for the kind words! For anyone, it’s an awesome start to the weekend to learn how much someone enjoyed what you wrote. As for your own writing, don’t doubt yourself so much. It may be rough, but it can be edited. Believe me, editing is your friend. I usually go through 5-6 edits to get to a stage where I start to become happy with the words. And the changes aren’t always vast. In fact, most of the time, they’re subtle. Plus, you’ve written something of your own heart. That’s special, and like I said, it can be edited and improved until it reflects your intent. But you can’t edit a blank page.

      And my answer to your question is contained in an email.


  5. Are you willing to, or plan on at any point selling the set of The Castes and the OutCastes paper books as a set? if so id be interested in buying that.

    • Hi Adrian,

      I’ve been looking into, and right now there just isn’t an easy way to have a box set produced…at least not like some of those pretty sets that I see in bookstores. I’ll keep looking, though.


  6. I have recently aquired your books on I must say that you are a fantastic storyteller. I would say that you have the talent that surpasses the best writer out there. You bring a depth to all the characters in your books. While listening to the cast and outcasts series I find myself enthralled in the suspense and intrigue of every character. You somehow bring them to life and capture the reader/ listener and transports them into your story as every few authors can. I would liken your talent to such great authors as Dean knootz and Brandon Sanderson. I look forward to reading more of your work. Thank you for sharing your works with us.

    • Oh my goodness. Thank you, Aaron! Sanderson and Koontz? Those are some wonderful authors to be compared to. Thank you for giving my books a chance, and thank you for letting me know how much you like them!

      Davis Ashura

  7. Good evening Davis
    I just finished “A Warrior’s Path” on Audible and I am hooked! You have created a marvelous world and a society that can’t help but be it’s own downfall unless it changes. And who embraces change, right? You have a wonderful insight into human nature. Your characters are completely believable and so like people I deal with every day (including myself!) I can’t wait to read the other books!
    Keep up the awesome work
    ME (MaryEllen)

    • Hi MaryEllen,

      Thank you for getting in touch with me, and thank you for your kind words. Hearing from those who enjoyed what I wrote is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a writer. BTW I had a lot of help making the characters seem like real people. It helps to have a sister who’s a psychiatrist and is willing to read a beta version of the novel.

      I also hope you enjoy the next two books just as much.


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